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When and to whom must overtime be paid and what the consequences are if an employer misclassifies an employee as exempt from overtime.

What are the current overtime laws in California (CA) and Under Federal Law?
If an employee works unauthorized overtime is the employer obligated to pay for it?
Are salaried employees entitled to overtime?
How do you calculate pay and overtime for a salaried, nonexempt employee?
Are sales persons paid on commission entitled to overtime?
Can the employer give a nonexempt employee time-off in lieu of paying overtime?
If my job title suggests I am exempt from overtime, but my job duties are clerical do I qualify for overtime?
If an employee signs a paper agreeing to be salaried and exempt from overtime, can the employee still get overtime?
Can an employer require an employee to work overtime?
When must the employer pay the employee for the overtime hours worked?
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