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Holiday and Vacation Pay

If I work 8 hours on Thanksgiving, am I entitled to holiday pay (time and a half or double time)?
My employer is open for business on every holiday, some of which I have to work. Isnít this against the law?
If my employer closes his business on a holiday, aren't I still entitled to my wages for that day?
We get 5 holidays off each year without pay. My sister gets the same 5 holidays off with pay. Does my employer have to me for these holidays?
Are employees entitled to holiday pay?
Is paid vacation time required? (CA)
Is a vacation plan that says no vacation time is earned during the first six months of employment legal?
How is vacation earned?
Can my employer have a vacation policy only for full time employees?
My employer told me I forfeited my vacation because I didn't take it. Is this legal?
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