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Buy/Sell A Business

If you plan to buy or sell an existing business, careful attention should be paid to process. Buying or selling a business starts with an offer which can come in many forms, from a simple oral offer, to a presentation, or letter of intent (a.k.a. term sheet). Once presented with an offer, the parties can effectively begin negotiations and if an understanding is reached, then begin the due diligence process. This corner explores the process, advantages, disadvantages and pitfalls faced when buying or selling a business.

I'm selling a business, what information should I disclose to a potential buyer?
I'm selling a business, what are the main steps to selling a business?
When is the right time to sell my business?
Should I attempt to sell my business on my own?
How long should it to take to sell a business?
How do I value my business, or set a selling price for my business?
How do I value the “Goodwill” of my business?
What information should I to disclose to a prospective buyer of a business?
Why is a confidentiality agreement so important if i'm selling a business?
I'm selling a business, should I consider financing the sale?
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