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Probate and Avoiding Probate

Probate is a court supervised process in which a judge decides if your Will is valid, and in general how your estate should be administered, how your debts should be paid and how your property should be distributed. Probate is a lengthy process which often lasts more than a year, but can easily be avoided through the use of paid-on-death accounts, gifts, property tiled jointly with the right of survivorship, and the often talked about revocable living trust.

What is Probate?
What are non-probate assets?
How much does probate cost?
I heard estates under $100,000 are exempt from Probate?
How do you Determine the gross value of an Estate?
If there are so many costs involved with Probate, What Are Its Advantages?
What are the main disadvantages to probate?
How can I avoid probate without a trust?
What is a spousal property petition?
How does spousal petition process work?
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