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Q.I'm starting a business, what steps do I need to take?

A.If you are planing to start a business there are an innumerable number of things you need to consider. It would be impossible to list each and every possible step. First, you must decide what type of business structure you desire (corporation, limited liability company, partnership, or sole proprietorship). You then need to think about your company name, and any name you want to identify your products and/or services. This can be the same name as your business name, or corporate name, or a different name entirely. Once you have selected between one and five names you are happy with, you should have an attorney perform a trademark search to ensure you do not infringe another person's trademark. Assuming you receive clearance, you then need to look into acquiring a local business license and fictitious business name(s).

Whatever you decide, meet with an attorney to help determine what is best for you. Even if you cannot afford to have the attorney structure the business for you, you would be well advised to spend $250 on a consultation to specifically go over the basic business organizations, management, local licensing requirements, and employment laws.

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