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Q.Does the Employee or Employer Notify The Heatlth Insurance Provider Of A Qualifying Event?

A.The answer depends on the nature of the qualifying event.

The employer is required to notify the health insurance provider or administrator within 31 days of the qualifying event if the qualifying event is due to the termination of the employee or the reduction in hours of employment within 31 days of the qualifying event.

The employee, on the other hand, is required to notify the health insurance provider or plan administrator within 60-days of the following qualifying events:

  • The death of the covered employee or subscriber;

  • The divorce or legal separation of the covered employee;

  • The loss of dependent status by a dependent enrolled in the employee's group benefit plan; and

  • With respect to dependents only, the employee's eligibility for coverage under Medicare.

Needless to say, such notifications should be made in writing and where possible by certified mail with return receipt requested with a copy sent by confirmed fax.

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