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Q.Can a minor enter into a contract or be held responsible for a debt?

A.Generally NO. A minor (other than an emancipated minor) cannot (1) give a delegation of power, (2) make a contract relating to real property or any interest therein, or (3) make a contract relating to any personal property not in the immediate possession and control of the minor. Any purported "contract" involving the above made by a minor is absolutely void. In addition, a minor can disaffirm (cancel) many other contracts before becoming an adult. This means the minor can declare the contract void, but the other party to the contract cannot; it's a one way street. The main class of contracts which a minor CANNOT void or disaffirm are contracts for "necessaries" (e.g., contracts obligating the minor to the reasonable value of things necessary for the support of the minor or the minor's family). Note this does NOT include rent because a minor's rental (real estate) agreements are void. There are other less-common exceptions and qualifications to these general rules.

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