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LegalCorner's attorney database is just now starting and is expected to be visited by hundreds, if not thousands, of internet users every week. Submit your firm today to begin taking advantage of the growing internet community looking for legal representation. LegalCorner offers 2 types of listings:

Premium Listing
- for those who want  priority positioning (first come, first listed), a brief description that individualizes your firm, and hot links to your email and web site. You'll also have the benefit of our 90 day complete satisfaction or your money back guarantee. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with your Premier Listing on, simply notify us to take down your listing. We will make a full refund within the first 90 days and a pro-rata refund thereafter.  The premium listings are limited to a maximum of
five firms per practice area and geographic region as defined by area code.  Click here to submit a premium listing.

Basic Listing - Submit your firm for a one time charge of $ 99.95 for a Basic Listing in one practice area in our directory
which will remain online for as long as we reside at  Click here to submit a basic listing.